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We publish all our projects with hardware and software on GitLab


Our server can be adapted to any process and can be used in any space


With scripts or via our API everything can be connected

We developed FabAccess to simplify the operation of makerspaces.

FabAccess is a resource management system optimized for the use of machines in FabLabs, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces and other open workshops.

Our focus is on increasing the safety of machine use while giving users fair access to all these devices.​

For FabLabs:

When operating open workshops, you have the possibility to keep an eye on all the equipment, because your users can use only those devices for which they have received instruction.

You get an overview of when which device was used and can plan and distribute your resources more efficiently. 

Keep track of all operations in your workshop and create a safe and efficient working environment.

For Users:

Explore your makerspace again, because you get an overview of all the machines in it.

Check out which machines you can already use and where you can still expand your skills. 

You will have the opportunity to check the current utilization of the machines and better organize your working time.

What already works now:

Manage machines

Manage the machines so that users can use them

Roles and permissions

Role-based permission system, for the most granular assignment of instructions possible

Control actuators

Automatic unlocking of machines and other hardware, when used by users

Customize processes

All processes can be represented via embeddable scripts, the API and the audit log.

What comes next:

NFC cards and tags

Lending machines with NFC card and

selecting machines with NTAGs

Works already now, but with some limitations


Create invoices according to 

machine usage time or material consumption

Locking systems

Opening doors or lockers

and similar devices

Works already now, but with some limitations


Federation of users between open workshops

with takeover of instructions

Explore documentation

 All information about setup and operation of a server can be read in our Documention.

Set up 

Our server can be run as a Container self-compiled.


You can find the client in all stores: Google, Apple, Huawei, FDroid, Microsoft

Manage machines

Start with FabAccess in your Makerspace.